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 竞技宝和雷竞技哪个好 Radek Lasota 介绍

Radek Lasota is one of the most creative office furniture designers in Australia. Radek has more than 20 years of industry experience, which enables him to design products with high flexibility and ones meeting customer requests according to continuously changing market demands. His customers include Apple Computer, ING, BAE System (British Aerospace), Medtronic Australasia, Gadens Lawyers, Sanofi Aventis, Readers Digest and Lexmark, and lots of top Australian design and construction companies. In conclusion, Radek said: “I hope the cooperation with Success World can create a different result.”

The TOK TOK conference table is designed by the famous commercial furniture designer Mr Radek has over 20 years experience in furniture design which supports him to create customized products with high flexibility for his customers to meet their ever-changing needs.
With solid educational background in technical knowledge and art,Radek studied cibil engineering in Olsztyn of Poland,and then interior design in Sydney.During the process of product development,Radek always works closely with interior designers,architect and clients,to ensure a balance between stylish design and functional performance.

 TokTok 品牌故事

RJ Workspace designs and manufactures product solutions that help people work better. Innovation, creativity and a sustainable environment represent the core values at RJ Workspace. Our philosophy demands that we act as a truly sustainable business that embraces environmental, social and cultural values.

We recognise the responsibility that flows from our unique ability to take a product from concept through to design and manufacture. Our collaboration with clients and business partners is integral to the process that produces unique solutions.

Our Skills

RJ Workspace have available a team of highly skilled personnel with national project experience in many disciplines including industrial design, interior design, installation management, services coordination, refurbishment and full change management services.

From project commencement to handover RJ Workspace's professional team works closely with the client team to assist with the achievement of on time and on budget projects.


Drawing on our earliest experience, RJ Workspace provides professional furniture refurbishment and renovation services.

We are able to assist with the relocation of any workstations and office furniture, renewal of existing workstations and the removal, storage and recycling of workstations and office furniture.

For time critical projects that require an immediate response or where there are budget restrictions, we can assist with the supply of workstations and other office furniture on a temporary basis.

The Product Range

RJ Workspace workstation solutions may be desk, post and rail (beam), a screen or tile based, or a hybrid integrating elements from different systems. ?We integrate this with a comprehensive range of office furniture, storage, seating and tables to cater for all aspects of the modern office environment.

Our track record on the successful completion of workstation and office furniture installations is solid.? We have manufactured, delivered and installed systems for numerous sites ranging from a single office to multiple floors with hundreds of workstations.

About our Manufacturing

Group manufacturing and warehousing is located in Sydney and currently produces a wide range of workstation and table products.

Our local manufacturing facilities are supported by a number of key subcontractors and suppliers. To secure supply we source components from multiple entities and have close ties with key international manufacturers that guarantee our ability to maintain competitive pricing without compromising our high level quality.

Continuous Service from RJ

Our longstanding relationships with our customers, some of whom have been working with us for over 10 years, stems from our commitment to our products, continuous service and backup.

Post installation, maintenance and churn management/ reconfiguration are an integral part of RJ Workspace's ongoing service. Both warranty and repair requests are handled by trained service staff.

We will train key onsite staff in the maintenance and adjustment of our systems to ensure they are utilised to their full potential. On completion and handover of a project "as built" drawings and "care and maintenance" manuals will be available.

Our Commitment to the Environment

RJ Workspaces's commitment is best summed up as reduce, reuse and recycle.

We carefully examine everything we do to minimise our impact on the environment starting with the design of our products, the selection of materials, internal and outsourced manufacturing, off site installations, practices in our offices and finally accepting responsibility for our products at the end of their useful life.

Our commitment is formalised by our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification and the GECA labels for our signature products.

 TokTok Meetingroom 描述

TokTok - tables for the corporate and commercial world.

TokTok combines sustainable Australian design, quality components, sound manufacturing and consistent service.

The sleek symmetry of design, the balance between aesthetics and function create a sense of elegance and style. Cleverly designed components ensure that TokTok fully addresses all the table requirements within the office environment. A polished base is built from parts that best answer the functional and aesthetic needs and may be straight, angled or 90o, with a single upper support beam and an additional lower beam as required for larger tables. The tables’ footprint is set with the selection of either the larger 150mm or the smaller 70mm adjustable foot.?

TokTok provides a consistent and functional solution for casual, meeting, training, conference and boardroom tables and takes into account the growing requirement to cater for table top access to power, voice and data outlets and audio visual sockets. It’s modular structure is suitable for use with tops of many shapes, size, length, width, thickness and edge profile.

TokTok has been assessed against the GECA 28-2006 Furniture and Fittings Standard, awarded the Good Environmental Choice Australia Eco label and will contribute the maximum points in it’s category towards a Green Star – Office Interiors rating

TokTok 会议桌组由一支设计精巧灵活的主柱,配合各式支撑脚及连接装置组合而成,多款Tok Tok会议桌组,配合不同风格的会议室,交相辉映,令会议格外顺畅。
2.不同颜色的台脚: 典雅米白色、黑金色静电粉末喷涂或部分抛光等
3.多款台板颜色: 典雅米白色、美国浅枫木色等
4.线型外观: 线条流畅自然 设计灵巧多变 配合不同需要。
? ? The design of TOK TOK conference table system composes of a flexible main column,with various forms of supporting frame and connecting parts.this allows various formation from a small round desk to huge size conference table in order to fit customer's needs.there id a wide range of colour for the supporting frame including elegant beige color,black golden coler with spray coating or semi polished effect.it also provides differernt desktop color,elegant beige color,american light maple color,etc. tok tok conference table system is able to match with different style of meeting rooms,which ensure a smooting running meeting.

 TokTok Meetingroom 产品特点

尺寸:台面板 1200-2700(mm)
* 4个台脚,1个台面板
* 6个台脚,2个台面板
* 8个台脚,3个台面板
* 12个台脚,5个台面板
* 铬圆柱
* 圆柱粉末喷漆

Frame: Black &White Columm, Polished Feet
* 4 Leg Base-1piece Top
* 6 Leg Base-2piece Top
* 8 Leg Base-3piece Top
* 12 Leg Base-5piece Top
* Chrome Column
* Powder Coated Column
* Multileg Table Base,
* Polished Aluminium Feet

 TokTok Meetingroom 效果
 TokTok  桌脚展示
 TokTok  产品规格
 TokTok  相关产品
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