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Interstuhl is an independent, owner-run family company. Today's owners are Werner Link (Managing Director), the sons Joachim Link (Managing Director, Production and Logistics) and Helmut Link (Managing Director, Sales), and his sister Lenore Link.

The independence of the company, with its craft based traditional heritage and focus on personal relationship with clients and market partners are fundamental elements of Interstuhl, both now and for the future.

People today spend a lot of time seated. This requires the highest level of expertise in the manufacture of chairs. “Seating knowledge: our advantage” is our motto. We are a German company, developing high quality chairs for offices and buildings, which we sell around the world. Our production facilities are located 1 hour south of Stuttgart. Our products are characterised by exceptional design, excellent ergonomics, state-of-the-art technology and a high degree of environmental awareness. It is vitally important for us to bring our knowledge to bear in all areas of work and life and to develop a collection that has great breadth: for every use, in every price segment, from the reception area to the boardroom. On the following pages we will show you the lengths we go to make the perfect chair.

 Silver Chair 162S 竞技宝和雷竞技哪个好介绍

1954 Hadi Teherani was born as a son of a dealer in Teheran and came to Hamburg at the age of 6 years. After his studies at the Technological University Braunschweig, he worked in the planning office Prof. Joachim Schürmann in Cologne and as assistant lecturer for Prof. Volkwin Marg at the Technological University Aachen. In 1990 he worked as an independent architect in Cologne and in parallel started a boutique, for which he created collections. With the spectacular building of a vitreous car building in Hamburg, Teherani caused a sensation. Hereupon he established together with his former school colleague Jens Bothe, and Kai Richter the office Bothe Richter Teherani (BRT) in Hamburg. Since then, Teherani has made himself a famous name as a creative head and media conscious leader.

Aside from his work for BRT, Teherani is an associate at Design Engineering B+T Partner, where he also works as product designer.

BRT has about 140 engineers, architects and interior designers as well as specialists from the graphic art, model making, construction management, project management & controlling, R&D, product design. Over the last 6 years BRT has nearly tripled the number of its employees. BRT is ranked no. 18 of the top 100 architecture agencies in Germany; baunetz.de uses the number of publications in trademagazines as a basis for this.

Unconventional buildings are the trademark of BRT. The main focus of their work is design as well as technologically innovative large projects. Examples are big office and trading projects (for example Doppel-X-Haus, police department Hamburg) or complete urban areas (Rheinauhafen Cologne) and trainstations (for example Frankfurt airport, main station Hanover and Dortmund). Smaller projects of BRTare characterised by being especially ambitious for technology and design (glass bridge C&A, Hamburg; arc of Berlin, Hamburg; manufacturing building Tobias Grau, Rellingen).

 Silver Chair 162S 描述

Finding its origins in an office environment, the Silver product design has been designed equally for community and privacy. It was our aim to create an object which, in its many guises, can be an integral part of or a perfectly matched addition to any location - and has just as much impact when standing alone. An object whose quality, curves and details will cause a real stir. The Silver family has been enriched with many ideas and thoughts. It is a joy to see how each individual product can change any setting, leaving a new mark every time.

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Silver Chair 05
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Silver Chair 162S

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